Let’s Work Together to Build Our Referral Tribe to over 1000 Trainees…and Create a Bigger Impact & Legacy!

How We Can Make an Impact

For every introduction you make, whether they sign-up or not, we will donate $10 to the Touch Community Services, which is a multi-service organisation that has been operating since 1992 to continue serving the community. Some of their services include youth support, family services, elderly care, special healthcare support, and special needs support amongst others.

We also donate 2% of every package sign-up from clients who have been referred by you and we will provide you with an annual register of how much was donated and the impact it has made in the lives of the less fortunate and needy!

Leave a Legacy

A simple introduction can create a ripple effect that is difficult to quantify. Not only can it lead someone to training and support that can change their body and health forever, but it can increase confidence in their ability to impact their families and those around them.

Nothing can deepen a relationship more than a recommendation to something that can impact them at such a high level. They will be grateful that you care enough about them and their success!

Besides the direct impact you are having on those you care about, they too will likely refer other people, thus creating the ripple effect and legacy that started with you.

Twain isn't just a fitness coach. He's a life coach and signing up with him has been one of the best decisions I've ever made

- Debbie Ramen

I feel happier, healthier and more directed in this journey to becoming a fitter version of myself. Thank you, Twain!

- Kenii Takashima

Weight loss can be painless too! Twain is so adept at tailoring a program for each individual's needs and preference such that I didn't feel like I had to sacrifice food/time to lose weight.

- Benedict Chua

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, Twain Teo is the man for the job!

-  Rajiv Misra

I’m grateful to Twain, for all the knowledge I’ve gained from working with him, and how he has made me better physically (and mentally!). These are all precious life skills that I’d be able to take wherever I go.

- Clement Chan

Twain combines both the empathy to understand clients well, with the depth and breadth of knowledge to individualize an approach that works best for them.

- Michelle Teo

Twain’s remote program requires you to take on personal responsibility for your fitness, mental wellness and nutrition, so on the surface it might appear daunting. However, he is really helping to set you up for success by slowly inculcating good habits that are sustainable in the long run.

- Arlene Lim

Each program is tailored to the client's specific needs and wants, and I could not recommend Twain highly enough!

-  Alexander Oon

Twain is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend his programme for women!

- Rachel Tan

Why is Referring Others So Important?

Referrals give you the opportunity to be a leader in your tribe and serve others without having to do anything other than making a friendly introduction! 

  • Don’t worry whether or not they have money for the program…let’s get it on their radar now.
  • Don’t worry whether timing is perfect or not…let’s get it on their radar now.
  • Don’t worry whether they’ll be mad at you for asking (hint: they’ll actually trust and respect you more for caring enough about them to ask) 
  • If they ask the price, let them know I offer different packages and have a process to calculate the ROI with them when they schedule a call


These intros will give you the opportunity to be a leader and catalyst for positive change amongst your peers, growing your influence and impact within your tribe and ours.

What are some benefits for you?

We have decided to put the majority of our advertising dollars into our referral program because we want to form relationships with long lasting impact. Rather than spending money on cold advertising, we’d rather reinvest it into you and those you care about.

When one of your referrals signs up to a program, not only will we be hooking them up with tons of bonuses, but we’ll also be thanking you through special gifts, cash returns and free coaching services, all customized to your preferences!

Not only are we going to take care of you when you introduce us to your peers, but we’re also going to roll out the red carpet for them and make sure that whether we work together or not, they’re going to thank you for caring enough to make an intro. 

  • Each person you refer will get special access to a 7-Day customized meal plan built out for their specific goals complete FREE OF CHARGE!
  • And, if they end up joining any of our programs, they’ll also get an awesome friends & family discount thanks to you!!